A Well-Sited Lawn

April 26th, 2010  |  Published in Around The Neighborhood, LR Blog: Growing Sustainability

grass patch 001 A Well Sited Lawn

This corner provides all the usual suspects to tempt a passing dog:  street lamp, tree, fire hydrant and a luxurious 2′ square patch of lawn.  This was irrigated with 2 5′ spray heads.

Study of Lawn in Our Gardens: Part I

February 5th, 2010  |  Published in Landscape Sustainability, Water Conservation

lawn 003 Study of Lawn in Our Gardens:  Part I

How did lawns, indiscriminate guzzlers of precious resources, become such a welcomed and customary feature to our arid, western landscape?  Although many books and no fewer articles have thoroughly and justly documented the rapid rise and firm reign the lawn culture holds root in America, far fewer have provided creative and compelling reasons for homeowners and designers to question the installation and continued maintenance of lawn. Read the rest of this entry »