The #1 Landscape Design Tool

September 28th, 2011  |  Published in General

For many novice gardeners in California, the first step in the landscape design process is often well intentioned but misguided.

This misstep is usually a shopping spree at the local retail nursery where a flurry of impulsive purchases are based on what is blooming or looks good in a small pot.  The excitement that has brought them to the nursery is wonderful and should be applauded, but the lack of research and forethought prior to a landscape-shopping spree often results in long-term garden discouragement as the plants chosen die, grow too big, or don’t grow big enough for their needs.

So a great place for any novice gardener with few California landscape ideas to begin is to browse landscaping photos online, read landscape design guides on mediterranean landscaping, and visit landscape photo sharing sites.  There, a plethora of design examples and plant combinations exist that will get your creative juices flowing.  Save inspirational images or create lists with online tools such as Landscape Resource’s innovative Palette Builder. Read the rest of this entry »