Landscape Design Guide: Over-used Landscape Plants and California Native Substitutions

July 21st, 2011  |  Published in California Native Plants, Landscape Design

Any visitor to California with a horticultural eye would notice a handful of reoccurring plants throughout the state.  From freeways to strip malls to homes, there is a stunningly uniform variety of plants in the landscape.  But this is no mass conspiracy masterminded by evil growers.  Rather, this is a testament to some very tough plants filling some difficult roles.

But because our mediterranean climate allows the use of thousands of varieties of plants, it is high time some of the usual suspects in the landscape are phased out and replaced with some low-water, low-maintenance, native plants that match or out-perform the old guard.  Consider this Landscape Design Guide’s  suggestions for some California landscape ideas:

Rhamnus ‘Mound San Bruno’ (Coffeeberry) for Rhaphiolepis indica (India Hawthorne)

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