Sustainable Garden Design – 10 Ways To Green your Garden

January 12th, 2011  |  Published in Landscape Sustainability, Landscape Tips

Out of the countless ways a conventional landscape can become more “green” and sustainable, we’ve compiled ten California landscape ideas and suggestions to implement over time.  Most of the below can be done in a few hours, cost little or no money at all, and provide tangible results.  Others will require an investment that will pay for itself over time.  There is no time like now to get motivated!
10.  Grow Food

grow food 002 Sustainable Garden Design   10 Ways To Green your Garden

Our private gardens, in general, are enormous, untapped resources for producing food to feed our communities.  We pour water and resources on often neglected lawns, shrubs, and perennials.  Why not re-direct those same resources to your kitchen table?  There is undoubtedly space in your landscape to install a small veggie plot, plant a dwarf fruit tree, or at least create an herb garden in an old container.  Remember, you don’t need a large space to have a bountiful harvest.   Read the rest of this entry »