5 Tips for Designing California Native Gardens

June 21st, 2011  |  Published in California Native Plants, Landscape Design

The good news is there’s no single right way to design a California native garden.  Whether you would like to dabble with a few plants here and there or have a regionally appropriate all-native garden, you may experiment as freely as you wish.  And with hundreds of varieties of native plants to choose from and a limitless number of unique sites, how could there be single a right way?

But with that said, a poorly designed native garden will fail faster than you can say “Lyonothamnus floribunus asplenifolius” (that’s Catalina Ironwood for the non-Latin folks).  Without proper research or forethought, one can unwittingly mix riparian plants with desert plants, underestimate plant size and place too closely together, or select the wrong plant for a given spot in the garden.  So in an effort to foster the creation of more beautiful, successful native gardens throughout California’s cultivated landscape, here are five tips we believe are the most often over-looked by beginners:

1)  Visit Mature Native Gardens:

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