Rio Lindo Elementary School: Conceptual Plan

February 10th, 2010  |  Published in Community Service Project

rio thumb 0051 Rio Lindo Elementary School: Conceptual Plan

In order to provide a point of reference to begin conversations, Landscape Resource, in conjunction with RMLA of Santa Barbara, prepared a Conceptual Plan for the school garden.  This plan will act as a reference during intial meetings to help determine if the correct program elements are included, the spacial arrangements are functional and acceptable to the maintenance staff, and to be used while generating preliminary cost estimates that will drive fundraising efforts and School Board approvals.


Rio Lindo Elementary School Native and Edible Garden Project

February 5th, 2010  |  Published in LR Blog: Growing Sustainability

rio heading 001 Rio Lindo Elementary School Native and Edible Garden Project

Located on the windswept Oxnard plains (just south of Ventura), Rio Lindo is one of eight schools within the Rio District.  The school’s twenty-two classrooms serve over 500 pre-school and elementary students who all embrace the school’s motto:  “The Sky is the Limit”.

The school is tucked into a typical California suburban subdivision whose monoculture of lawn and clipped juniper greet the students and staff each day.  Due to budget limitations, the school’s grounds are composed of a vast amount of turf, small planter beds, and even smaller amount of plant diversity.  In an education system where many teachers are forced to buy basic supplies for students, surely there is tragically very little to no resources available for improving the exterior character of a school.  So unfortunately, the students currently do not have the opportunity to watch seasonal change, pick fresh tomatoes, or understand the basic compost cycle. Read the rest of this entry »