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March 7th, 2013  |  Published in Site Information

Planta Locus (“Plant Place” in Latin) is a marketplace for plants.  Homeowners, contractors, designers, brokers, and other landscape players utilize Planta Locus to find and expedite the purchase of plants.

In addition to being a marketplace for plants, Planta Locus is a simple and powerful marketing and inventory tool for your nursery business.  For every plant you enter into inventory, we make sure this data is seen by our visitors.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who updates my inventory information?screenshot 5514 Planta Locus for Nurseries
You do.  We have build a simple and intuitive interface that makes management a snap.    Create a membership, login, and select “Manage Planta Locus”.

We are a wholesale nursery and only provide pricing to landscape professionals.  Can I choose who sees what?
Yes.  We give you the option to display pricing to landscape professionals and/or the general public. If you have have both retail and wholesale customers, our system allows you to enter different prices for different groups.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch.  We feel strongly that everyone benefits from creating an open, transparent venue to market plant material.  There is no cost to create a membership, use the tool, and enjoy the perks.

Who can sign up for this?
Retail and wholesale nurseries are encouraged to utilize Planta Locus as we have both industry pros and garden enthusiasts frequenting the website.

We have an inventory system in place that publishes our availability already.  Why consider using Planta Locus?
In short, broadcasting your availability on your website alone is fine, but it restricts your exposure to only those already at your site.  Let Landscape Resource turn our visitors into your customers.

How often do I have to update my inventory?
As often as you like.  However, we do publicly display the last time you updated your account on your profile.  Customers are more likely to contact nurseries with recent activity.  Additionally, customers can make reviews about nurseries and are encouraged to do so.  If there is a large discrepancy between what you advertise as available and what is reality, disappointed and frustrated customers will voice their opinion.

How accurate must I keep my inventory?
It’s up to you.  You can enter exact figures or ranges.  In the back-end, we save whatever numbers you enter.  On the front-end, the user sees a range rather than an exact figure.  It depends on what you user Planta Locus for.  If Planta Locus is your primary inventory system, you’ll likely want to enter exact figures.  If you have an existing inventory system in place, then entering estimates is likely the best way to proceed.

Do you have a mobile App?
We are working hard on creating a mobile App so you can take Planta Locus in your yard to more effectively utilize the tool.


Coming Soon:  Video Tutorial on Updating Planta Locus

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