Landscape Resource Launches!

October 8th, 2010  |  Published in Press Release

Booth 001 Landscape Resource Launches!

Oct 1st saw Landscape Resource officially open for business!  Invited to display the website to the 500+ attendees at the San Marcos Growers Field Day, Landscape Resource was formally unveiled to the horticultural world and was welcomed with nothing but praise and keen interest.  From designers to contractors, nurserymen to landscape retailers, all of those who stopped by the Landscape Resource booth and experienced the site were excited about returning and exploring further.  We couldn’t have asked for a better venue to make our debut!

Many thanks to Randy Baldwin and San Marcos Growers for the invite and the first-class event.  Stunning weather, tasteful plant displays, mouth-watering nursery tours and entertaining talks by John Greenlee, Debra Lee Baldwin, Dr. Matt Ritter, Bob Perry, Susan Van Atta and Carol Bornstein made for one of the horticultural highlights of the year.

Could this be a yearly event?  We hope so!

plants 001 Landscape Resource Launches!

plants 002 Landscape Resource Launches!

plants 003 Landscape Resource Launches!

plants 004 Landscape Resource Launches!

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