SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

April 8th, 2010  |  Published in LR Blog: Growing Sustainability

The display gardens at this year’s show were an exciting collection of imaginative and progressive landscapes with an emphasis on “Gardens for the Future”.

Here are just a few shots of some display gardens with more to come…

sfflower 003 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

Greeting each visitor to the show was an outstanding outdoor room designed by Organic Mechanics.  This four-sided, succulent covered structure sat in the center of a shallow pool.  Access to the interior of the structure was a series of informal stepping stones across the pool.  As one passed through the wooden arch, an intimate dining table was set for a meal unlike any other.

sfflower 004 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

Sedums, Echeverias, Crassulas and Aeoniums were just a few of the species of succulents that formed bold, fluid strokes of varying color and texture.

sfflower 001 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

Tyler Rinehart, in conjunction with Native Sons Nursery, assembled an abstract display garden entitled "Pulling Up Daisies" that won Pacific Horticulture Magazine's Silver Medal.

sfflower 002 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

In the same garden, Rinehart playfully uses spent wine corks as mulch for potted Cork Oaks.

sfflower 005 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

Mariposa Gardening and Design, of the East Bay, imagined and tactfully created a garden entitled "In the Papillion Pad". The garden used salvaged materials and modern lines to create a chic garden that begged to be experienced.

sfflower 006 SF Flower & Garden Show 2010

Outside of the center, Glen Sievert took center stage with his chainsaw art.


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