Hack Job

March 26th, 2011  |  Published in Around The Neighborhood, LR Blog: Growing Sustainability

In an all too common sight, shrubs are mercilessly trimmed to ridiculous shapes and sizes for apparently no reason. The below Pittosporum tobira is a good example.

pittosporum tobira hack Hack Job

Often times, in situations such as the above, HOAs and other similar type of associations have language in maintenance contracts requiring maintenance teams to spend x amount of time on each plant per x length of time.  The result?  Maintenance workers and gardeners are forced to perform useless, repetitive tasks to satisfy contract language.  And one great way to waste time is artfully crafting balls out of plants.

If you live in an area with similar regulations, start a dialogue with your neighbors and demand more thoughtful care manifested in contract agreements.

Do you have some good examples of “hack jobs”?  Send  your submissions to info@landscaperesource.com.  Help us raise awareness of proper landscape care!

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