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Landscaping Resources for Property Managers

February 3rd, 2012  |  Published in Landscape Tips, LR Blog: Growing Sustainability

This article is a partial re-post of Rob Maday’s insights regarding easy landscape savings for property managers on

Out of the countless ways a conventional landscape can become more “green” and sustainable, we’ve compiled a list of 3 suggestions with the best ROI for property managers.

1. Install a Smart Irrigation Controller (Rebates available in most municipalities)

At a time when cutting edge technology is so prevalent in our daily lives, it makes no sense that your irrigation controller is from the Stone Age. At a minimum, your irrigation controller should be connected to a rain sensor that will shut down any programming if a set amount of precipitation collects in a small basin. Also, your controller should have a “seasonal adjust” feature that allows you to quickly reduce your set watering times by a percentage, making adjustments to your program quick and painless. If you have a larger property, upgrading to a smart controller that accesses weather data, ETo, soil moisture, and other conditions will no doubt save you water, money, and keep your plants healthier. Read the rest of this entry »

10 California Landscape Ideas for Contemporary Gardens

October 20th, 2011  |  Published in Landscape Tips

Sometimes the best way to find inspiration for starting (or for some…finishing) landscape projects is to attend nearby garden tours, peruse landscape photo sharing websites, or flip through landscaping photos in magazines.

By doing so, you open yourself up to California landscape ideas and design concepts that may be foreign to you but have an undeniable appeal.  And more often that not, you’ll see many things you like but you may have a hard time pinpointing what it is about a specific garden that makes it “work”.  So, as a bit of a landscape design guide, we have provided 10 compelling images from recent garden tours and explain what design lessons can be learned from each.

1.  Embrace Color

A successful garden is an amalgamation of form, texture, and color.  The plants, hardscape, and other landscape elements you select must work as a cohesive unit to bring tangible meaning to a space.  Many mistakes are made when color is not fully embraced but rather tinkered with.  So make your statement loud and clear.  Simplify your color palette and use with gusto for maximum effect.  For a great color landscape design tool, visit Adobe’s kuler website.

colorful wall agave 10 California Landscape Ideas for Contemporary Gardens

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Sustainable Garden Design – 10 Ways To Green your Garden

January 12th, 2011  |  Published in Landscape Sustainability, Landscape Tips

Out of the countless ways a conventional landscape can become more “green” and sustainable, we’ve compiled ten California landscape ideas and suggestions to implement over time.  Most of the below can be done in a few hours, cost little or no money at all, and provide tangible results.  Others will require an investment that will pay for itself over time.  There is no time like now to get motivated!
10.  Grow Food

grow food 002 Sustainable Garden Design   10 Ways To Green your Garden

Our private gardens, in general, are enormous, untapped resources for producing food to feed our communities.  We pour water and resources on often neglected lawns, shrubs, and perennials.  Why not re-direct those same resources to your kitchen table?  There is undoubtedly space in your landscape to install a small veggie plot, plant a dwarf fruit tree, or at least create an herb garden in an old container.  Remember, you don’t need a large space to have a bountiful harvest.   Read the rest of this entry »