Landscape Photo Sharing

10 Tips for Shooting Great Landscaping Photos

September 28th, 2011  |  Published in Landscape Photo Sharing

Garden lovers usually enjoy toting their cameras along on outings hoping to capture some of the unique qualities of landscapes.

Others like to document the evolution of their own garden to post on blogs or landscape photo sharing websites.  And California landscape professionals often document examples of gardens they have designed or installed for landscape marketing purposes.  Regardless of the motivation, the act of taking good landscaping photos is a very daunting task, especially for the novice with a point-and-shoot camera.  Armed with the below practical suggestions, perhaps you can improve your landscape photography.

1.  Scout the Landscape

If you are visiting a landscape for the first time, or even at a garden you know intimately, resist the urge to click away upon arrival.  Once you put your eye behind the viewfinder, your experience of the landscape changes to one of accomplishment (taking a great pic) versus enjoyment.  After all, none of us are taking landscaping photos to get rich; rather, it is for the love of landscapes and gardens.  So first take a thorough walk through the garden to experience all of is nooks and crannies and take note of special locations that feel like they have potential.  Once you’ve enjoyed the space, then pull out your camera and get to “work”. Read the rest of this entry »

Landscape Photo Sharing: Making Inspiration Easier

September 28th, 2011  |  Published in Landscape Photo Sharing

Stretching back generations, all true gardeners and landscapers have had one thing in common: a passionate excitement for sharing their experience and knowledge.  Perhaps this little “garden bug” is acquired from an extended exposure to soil and compost, or by spending too many hours happily toiling under the sun in one’s garden.  Regardless of how the “bug” is contracted, the age-old passion is beginning to welcome the new concept of landscaping photo sharing online.

The Internet has changed the design, installation, and maintenance of gardens for the better.  Massive amounts of helpful information can be found at will, and the once-difficult task of finding California landscape ideas and inspiration is becoming easier because of those embracing landscaping photo sharing.

For those who have interest, but are new to the idea of online landscaping photo sharing, here are six reasons to consider getting involved:

1) Fellow Gardeners Learn from and can be Inspired by Your Garden:

Every spring, garden tours pop up across the country and people flock to see how other people live and garden outside.  Why limit the experience to physical visits and a single season when the same inspiration can be conveyed effortlessly and at any time through the web? Read the rest of this entry »