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Bio-swales: An Integral Component of a Clean Water Solution

October 24th, 2011  |  Published in David Frantz

by David Frantz, David Michael Frantz Landscapes

Your landscape can help to save water, clean our creeks, and replenish groundwater, all while creating habitat and beauty.  The concept is simple, the implementation fun, and the result is a unique landscape feature.

Instead of letting your rainwater run-off your property in underground pipes, disperse it through gently sloping stone and gravel swales planted with beautiful native plants.  The concept is not new.  For years, landscapers have been building the same features but called them “rock plant filters”.  But of late, this same building technique has a new, catchier name:  “Bio-Swale”.

Bio-swales can be built just about anywhere and the idea is simple:  Slow down run-off, spread it out, and let it soak in.  Often times, homeowners feel they don’t have enough “room” to build such a feature.  But even typical suburban homes have more than enough space to make a big difference.

bioswale 001 Bio swales: An Integral Component of a Clean Water Solution

Typical section of bio-swale

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