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May 7th, 2012  |  Published in Business Resources

Landscape Resource gives businesses ample opportunities to shine in front of their desired audience.  One major opportunity is in the zip-code based Business Directory.  At sign-up for a membership, all business listings are created equal.  But to allow you to differentiate your business from the next, LR rewards members for promoting themselves.  Here’s how you can climb the Business Directory ladder:

1)  POINTS:  The quantity and quality of the content you add to LR dictates your eventual exposure.  Every time you post a photo, add a landscape, upload a logo, upload business photos, rate a plant, review of landscape etc., you accrue points.  These points are tallied and dictate your position in the directory relative to your competition.  The more value you add to the community, the more exposure you receive.

Point Value of Content (from Highest to Lowest)

1-Logo (one time point accrual)
2-Landing Page Image (one time point accrual)
5-Palette Lists

Takeaway:  Interaction=Points & Points=Exposure

bus dir blog How the Business Directory Works

2)  PROFILE COMPLETENESS:  When logging into your “My Account”, the right hand of the screen guides you through the most surefire and efficient ways to accrue points.  As you watch your profile bar near 100%, you can be sure your points are adding up as well.

Takeaway:  Follow Profile Completion Bar Suggestions

profile blog How the Business Directory Works

3)  SOLICIT CUSTOMER REVIEWS:  Not only are you rewarded for the quantity and quality of the content you share, you are also rewarded for the number of positive reviews customers post on your business profile page.  Positive reviews give you more points and make you look much more attractive from a potential consumer’s viewpoint.

Takeaway:  Ask your loyal customers to gush about your greatness.

reviews blog How the Business Directory Works

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